Empathic Healthcare : MISSION :

To provide an enhanced compassionate layer of support, an active presence throughout one’s journey, and quality expert care from the heart with an emphasis on the mind, body, spirit and community.

Empathic Healthcare : VISION :

To be a leader in providing exemplary and compassionate supportive and palliative care to the community we service.

At Empathic Healthcare, WE BELIEVE…

  • every individual should be treated with the utmost compassion, love and empathy creating a caring and nurturing environment
  • in preserving a patient’s dignity and respect with emphasis on their own personal, cultural and religious values
  • in exemplary patient and family-focused care addressing the physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs while bringing honor to their hopes and wishes
  • each person has the right to participate and to be informed in their medical plan of care
  • overall care should be reflective of how each patient would define “quality of life”
  • it is an honor, blessing and gift to be “present” and we remain committed to your continued trust and care
  • in maintaining the highest ethical and moral standards of care with patients and our partnerships within the community

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Vanderbilt Nurse Tammy Hakim
Tammy Hakim Photo

Tammy Hakim, Nurse Practitioner

Tammy Hakim, MSN, ANP-BC, is a faith community Nurse Practitioner with over 21 years of healthcare experience, primarily in adult palliative care. Her personal experience began as a caregiver to her late husband who passed almost 12 years ago. It is through this shared experience that her passion was born to share this knowledge of the benefits of palliative care with others. Her heart is with each and every patient and caregiver with whom she provides this service. The care of her patients can be most reflective in the answers to the following two questions. The first question being, “If I were in their shoes how would I want to be treated?” The second question, “How would I want someone I love and care about to be treated?” Realizing full well the answer to each of these questions may differ with each individual, having been there personally, she is aware that basic human needs will not differ. These needs are love, compassion and empathy. She treats each individual with the utmost respect and care and is a loyal patient advocate.

Tammy Hakim, Nurse Practitioner, MSN, ANP-BC

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Oakland University, 1996
  • Master of Science in Nursing, Vanderbilt University, 2009
  • Professional Certified Legal Nurse Consultant, 2009
  • Faith Community Nurse, 2011

Tammy Hakim, Nurse Practitioner, MSN, ANP-BC

  • Advanced Practice Registered Nurse – Adult, Geriatric, Palliative and Hospice Care
  • Certified Legal Nurse Consultant
  • Faith Community Nurse – American Nurses Association

"I appreciate your trust and confidence as you refer our services to others."

- Tammy Hakim, Nurse Practitioner
Empathic Healthcare