Ms. Tammy Hakim is a very intelligent, proficient, and caring person who is totally devoted to the well-being of those in her care. As her long-term patient, I think she is at the top of her profession.

Foy P.


My father suffered from emphysema for 15 years. I spent nights with him at several different hospitals in the area. He also had home health care nurses at the end. He passed in 2011, the same year my wife was diagnosed w/ COPD. In 2017, my wife and I were fortunate enough to meet a special home health care practitioner named Tammy Hakim. Tammy genuinely cares about all aspects of the patient’s health care needs along with the welfare of the other family members. She is the best home health care practitioner I have met in 21 years of having to help care for loved ones with lung disease.

Steve W.

Husband and Caregiver

When you reach the stage of disease that is totally progressive and you are at or nearing that end, you pretty much figure out that most of your health care providers are there to administer your prescribed medications and keep track of your vitals. You know at the end of their shift they go home and you stay, understanding they are doing what is required of them. But then, one comes along who is very knowledgable about not only how medications work, but how they interact together, how the insurance companies operate, what to fight for, and have the heart to do so! An angel that comes into your life, filled with care, compassion, knowledge, and love for you and your family. That angel came to me – Tammy Hakim; love you and thank you!

Julie W.


Tammy Hakim has been coming into my facility for 18 months and I hear nothing but praise about her from our residents and their families. You will never find anyone else who shows more love and compassion to each patient!

Mitzi M.

Facility Director

Our family will be forever grateful to Tammy, for the care of my mother. Tammy brings to the table professional expertise, compassion and the ability to relate to the family and patient. Tammy demands that the patient is treated with dignity, allows the family to make informed decisions, and no question goes unanswered.

Ricky and Ellen R.

Family Members

Palliative & Hospice care requires knowledgeable and caring clinicians and that is Tammy Hakim, NP.  I first met Tammy when caring for several palliative care patients. Access to physicians is often difficult with home bound patients. As a registered nurse access to a knowledgeable clinician is of paramount importance.
Without clinical support, direction, assistance and an understanding the RN would not be able to care appropriately for a patient. With the introduction of Nurse Practitioner, Tammy Hakim, my world as a nurse in caring for patients was enhanced beyond my wildest clinical dreams. Tammy would respond instantly to my every call and/or text. She could understand the needs of my patients physically, mentally and emotionally.  I truly cannot express my appreciation of Tammy, enough. She was always there when I or my patients needed her. Any individual would be blessed with having Tammy assisting in their care.

Linda Lee W.

RN, BSN, M.Ed.

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"I appreciate your trust and confidence as you refer our services to others."

- Tammy Hakim, Nurse Practitioner
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