Empathic Healthcare is



a loving, compassionate, active-listening, and supportive empathetic presence.



Empathic Healthcare



practices the highest ethical and moral standards of care with our patients and partnerships.



Tammy Hakim asks,


“How would I want someone I love and care about to be treated?”



Every individual should be treated with the utmost compassion, love and empathy creating a caring and nurturing environment.

We preserve the patient’s dignity and respect with emphasis on their own personal, cultural and religious values.

We provide exemplary patient and family-focused care addressing the physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs while bringing honor to their hopes and wishes.

Each person has the right to participate and to be informed in their medical plan of care.

Overall care should be reflective of how each patient would define “quality of life.”

It is an honor, blessing and gift to be "present" and we remain committed to your continued trust and care

Ms. Hakim is a very intelligent, proficient, and caring person who is totally devoted to the well-being of those in her care. As her long-term patient, I think she is at the top of her profession.
Foy P.


Tammy Hakim has been coming into my facility for 18 months and I hear nothing but praise about her from our residents and their families. You will never find anyone else who shows more love and compassion to each patient!
Mitzi M.

Facility Director